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“Racial and Biodiversity and the Black Madonna”

Hidden, dark, mysterious, feared, death, abyss, rebirth, light, transformation, polarity, duality…. Oneness.

The ocean is symbolic of the womb of the earth; its salty water correlating to the blood in our veins. The moon, the woman’s menses. The salt of the earth, our salty tears. All of these things, our collective unconscious, our interconnectedness as human beings, our intricacy and simplicity are bound in the infinite knowing and the unknown.

What we see and what is unseen, the 3D human experience, and what happens in the ethers…. How does this all translate?

Anthropocentric is defined as:

  • regarding the human being as the central fact of the universe.
  • assuming human beings to be the final aim and end of the universe.
  • viewing and interpreting everything in terms of human experience and values.

How does anthropocentrism show up in your reality? How may you be overly identified as a human, whether by your assigned gender, your race, your religion, etc…? In the grand scheme of things, how much value do you place on your importance? Do you feel you are a soul? Do you feel you are a human with a soul?

These questions can, should, and will be explored as we delve deep into how race as a concept really equates and breaks down to consciousness in a way we can see with our own eyes, as well as other types of diversity.

What does the Black Madonna have to do with all of this? I would say that this archetype represents that which we tend to hide, repress, deny, and ultimately, desire. When you free yourself from indoctrination, and have a natural curiosity and sensitivity, you are able to see things through a different lens. You see the interconnectedness of all things, you see symbolism, and you are not susceptible to the guise of religious dogma. You may even be fortunate enough to not fear death, but instead see death as a new day that will dawn, new experiences and opportunities to make conscious choices that are more in alignment with who you are at the core level of your being.

Most people have no idea that the Christian church at one point declared that black people didn’t have souls, and that is how they justified killing and enslaving them. I will save the justification for killing and eating animals for another blog, but suffice to say, you are taking in the consciousness of the animal who fears dying when you eat it. Look at how fear is projected onto the masses? Translating in things like our political leaders declaring “war” on everything.

When you are connected to nature, have a deep inner-knowing of who you are on a soul level, put yourself in a place to be of service to others versus service to yourself, you begin to see the immaturity of the energy, consciousness, and inherent belief system that seems to be conditioned into humanity in the form of anthropocentrism. We have seen and will continue to see repercussions and ramifications of our behavior, neglect, and poor choices in regard to how we treat this planet, the animals, the environment, the ocean, and one another.

I point to the Black Madonna as a source to understand ourselves, Mother Earth, our shadow, and hidden desires. Why would I point to her? The reason is simple, she is an intersex being that stands in energetical and physical opposition to the constant, white, toxic masculine/phallic energy that seems to be permeating our planet right now. She is worshipped heavily in areas all over Europe with shrines that draw millions of pilgrims yearly to her in many aspects. The re-emergence of the Divine Feminine to assist us in moving through racism, biodiversity, and balancing our own energy is not only imminent, it is fundamental to our ability to sustain our existence on this planet.

Eating meat the way it is harvested isn’t sustainable, Being racist shows a severe lack of mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual maturity. It shows ignorance of the fact that there is an undeniable duality in all things and that, at the core, the essence of everything is consciousness. In knowing this, you stand in the sovereignty of knowing who and what you are on a soul level, and that your soul has no color, gender, or ethnicity.

In the grand scheme of things, if we would ask and answer some of these basic, albeit rare, questions and answer ourselves without the “assistance” of our egos, we would find a deeper, powerful, profound, and liberating truth, that we are the “I am,” that “I am” has no color, no gender, no need to overly identify and overpower anything and anyone. We can rest in the knowing of who and what we are on a soul level and that we are enough.

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